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Products offered at Functional Fluids


Introducing our CBD line. With CBD now federally legal... why is this stuff better than all those other ones??? - locally manufactured from a trusted source . - organically grown and hand processed with organic coconut oil . - full spectrum, works on many different types of receptors . - the data never lies, all chemistry markers match up at multiple checks, 100 % of the time . Functional Fluids can work with you to see if CBD is right for you, your family or even your pet and figure out your dose to maximize your investment in your health. 

$25 - $170


Ok MEN, this one is for you but the ladies can partake as well. CBD dips. Trying to quit chewing tobacco? Or just want something to gnaw on during that hunt while waiting to take THE SHOT? Sports player??? This is the newest product for you! Entertain your mouth while soothing your mind and soul. 10 mg pouches will last you hours! 



As if colloidal silver wasn’t amazing enough... we’ve discovered a product that’s even better, Structured Silver. It’s truly an amazing anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Ask us how this amazing product can function in your household.

$40 - $45


Our Gia line of electromagnetic radiation blockers. Built to declutter your brain and body from the increasingly stressful wireless world. Reducing the harmful effects that electronics emanate and provide restful sleep and calming peace of mind. 

$45 - $195

Epsom Salt.jpg

Epsom Salts...because who doesn't like a nice detox bath!


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