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The Fine Details

Intravenous Hydration and Vitamin Infusion

No need to explain the importance of water. It is a vital element. Simple replacement of the essential fluid instantly resolves many short term ailments faster and more efficiently than oral rehydration alone.

Vitamins as an added therapy, can work wonders in restoring the body's imbalances that cause acute and chronic ailments. Current diet and lifestyles just don't provide the nutrition and micronutrients they used to. Through intravenous infusion, vitamins can enter the blood stream more quickly and at a higher concentration by bypassing the digestive system and its acidic environment. The vitamin, electrolytes and amino acid concoctions can be used to prevent disease or attack the acute or chronic ailment that you are looking for an answer for.

Once balance is restored on a cellular level, the body can focus on healing through an offensive mode rather than defensive.

Intravenous Chelation

Heavy metal and chemical toxicity bombard the human body daily, effecting ALL systems of the body. Through intravenous chelation, heavy metals and toxins are pulled out of those systems on a cellular level like magnets and excreted through urine and feces. The specific amino acid also works to control oxidative damage to cell membranes and restores energy metabolism as it removes the metal from the cell. In other words, remove the metal/toxic element + make the cell work more efficiently = more energy!

Infrared Sauna

Detox Detox Detox! The infrared sauna used at Functional Fluids combines state of the art infrared light and negative ion technology to create a unique method of aiding the body in detoxifying during your treatment. Infrared light is also used to improve circulation, support the immune system, relieve minor pains and reduce stress and fatigue.

The infrared sauna is different than the traditional sauna but uses the same theory for detoxification. Instead of heating the body through ambient air, far infrared light penetrates the skin to warm the body from the inside-out. Infrared penetration can go deeper into the body at a depth of 6-8 inches vs. 2 inches to allow the heat to reach deeper layers of the skin and organs. Deeper conduction stimulates more serotonin release, allowing more benefits!

Our infrared sauna can also be used with Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) that uses electromagnetic fields to charge your mitochondria inside your cells to stimulate energy movement, promote electron flow, break down viruses, bacteria, toxins and pathogens which ultimately, stimulates normalized cellular and tissue function.

Diet and Exercise

Diet consultation will include discussion on how to eat for your health, not weight loss (but don't tell, weight loss is included as a side effect). The diets encouraged are Ketogentic, paleo and whole foods which work to detoxify and reduce inflammation, recover from cellular stress and increase productivity, rebuild mitochondrial biogenesis to increase cellular productivity. You are what you eat! Eat highly energetic and healing foods and your body will thank you in the form of bountiful energy! IV vitamin therapy and a healthy diet are an unbeatable combination to a healthy, happy life that YOU have control over. 


 Though not required to feel benefits of IV vitamin therapy, exercise is encouraged for an overall healthy lifestyle. Exercise can come in all shapes and sizes. An exercise consult at Functional Fluids will take into account your physical assessment and discuss options to make exercise a possibility in your busy life. 

The Negatives

Side effects of IV infusion may include bruising at the site and vein inflammation, vitamin overdose and infection.


An uncomfortable feeling of warmth can be felt during infusion especially if calcium and magnesium are included and if performed on an empty stomach, can cause slight nausea.

You have to get poked with a needle, yes it's uncomfortable.

These are naturopathic therapies. There is no instantaneous cure at Functional Fluids and natural remedies take time. Though all of our methods may take time and effort on our part and yours, we believe these methods not only work the best but will provide longer lasting, more efficient health outcomes.

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